MARION COUNTY is a clean, inviting and beautiful environment

in which to live, work and visit.




Mission Statment: "The Marion County Beautification Commission is dedicated to promoting the cleanliness, beautification and civic pride within Marion County through education, public awareness, collaboration, and community involvement to enhance economic development."



 The Marion County Beautification Commission will support your cleanup ANY DAY, ANY TIME!

Three Easy Steps:

1) Organize your community, church, civic or youth group for your convenience

2) Complete the participation form and...

3) Contact the following for trash bags, gloves or safety vest.

Elizabeth Ficik, City of Marion,  423-5961

Tarus Gilchrist, City of Mullins,  464-9563 

       Chief Mark Lewis, Town of Nichols, 526-2193

                Mayor Barbara Hopkins, Town of Sellers, 758-3873

                    Ogleretta D. White, Marion County, 423-8203 ext. 120


If you are having trouble with litter, illegal dumping, nusiances or related violations. 


Dumping and Litter Dispatch----------------------------- 843-423-8274

Nuisances for residential and business property-----843-423-8238

Animal Control---------------------------------------------843-423-8274

Waste Management----------------------------------------843-423-8234

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