The detention center incarcerates people charged with criminal offenses who are awaiting trial. The center houses inmates who have been sentenced in court and are serving 90 days or less for criminal offenses. The center also houses inmates who are awaiting trial in family court. 

Frequently Asked Questions
When is visitation? 
What is the process for getting someone released from jail? 
If a person is charged with a crime, such as a traffic violation, which has a cash fine, that person can be released from the center upon payment to the magistrates office. Persons charged with crimes classified as felonies normally have higher bonds. Most bonds are set by the magistrate as surety bonds which requires the person to place property up as collateral. *Note: Each case or charge is different, therefore, the amount or type of bond depends upon the type of charge. 

What can I bring an inmate? 

The center will accept up to date prescription medication, with the exception of narcotics, prescription eye glasses, white under garments, and money in the form of a postal money order. Under garments and money orders can be brought during visitation. (Medication can be brought anytime) 

Common Terms
Bond: Amount of money which must be posted to a magistrate and or Clerk of Court to gain a persons release from the center. 
Good Time Credit: In most cases inmates who are sentenced and serving time at our minimum security building can receive ½ day credit for every day served for good behavior. 
“If you are an identified victim of an offender, South Carolina law provides you with the right to be notified of specified changes in the custody status of the offender.  The South Carolina Statewide Information and Notification system (SAVIN) will allow you to confirm that an offender is in jail and provide you with important custody status information.  The services will also allow you to register to receive notifications automatically by phone and email when there is a specific change in the custody status of an offender.  These services are accessible by calling toll-free:  1.866.SC SAVIN (1.866.727.2846) or using this link to the website."